I started my internship at WGRZ in late August, just a little over three weeks after leaving Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. So far, WGRZ has really been a brand new experience for me!

After writing for newspapers for five years, and coming off a newspaper internship, being a video and digital-focused newsroom has been quite the change. The pace is different, deadlines are different, and the way we write is different.

I’m quickly learning that for broadcast, writing is a lot more conversational. You have to think like you’re writing a very well-written synopsis of a situation to your friend. It’s something that is taking a lot of practice to get used to.

The work I’ve been assigned so far to do has been a challenge, but a really interesting one. I’m learning a lot about how to organize information well and get information from sources in a short amount of time.

WGRZ is also having me work with and travel with photographers and reporters, which has really given me an opportunities to ask questions about this career, graduate school and more, to learn about their process in the field and see the assembly of a story. I’m really grateful that I am getting the chance to see a little of what everyone does!

So far, my internship is going well and I can’t wait to come in every week!