Hello! My name is Elaine Stickney, I’m a senior majoring in Digital Media Arts and Communication. For the past three weeks I have been interning at Lemur Studios, a video production service that creates and manages clients’ online presence. So far I’ve wholeheartedly enjoyed working here!

I started out editing a short 3-4 minute behind the scenes video that will be shown at the 48 Hour Film Festival award show. Since the awards show was so soon in terms of when I began the internship, there was a lot of work to be done! But thankfully, my advisers, Tyler and Jordan, did not overwhelm me with too many tasks. I was quite nervous because I knew this video would be shown to a large audience – all of the filmmakers involved and possibly their friends and family. Tyler and Jordan assisted me in correcting any mistakes and providing new editing techniques in Premiere that I had not known how to do previously. The video was finally rendered last Monday, and I’m excited to see it shown in their Facebook live (since I’m unable to make the event)!

My responsibilities this semester will consist of helping them with video editing and filming commercial/promotional material for their clients. I hope to learn more about utilizing Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Lightroom to help clients promote their organizations and create an image for themselves. I have a feeling I’m going to be learning a lot and I hope my help will benefit them!