This semester, my graphic design internship at the WNY Book Arts Center was impactful for me because it helped me clarify my future career outlook. By designing my own products, such as stationary and apparel, I feel more inspired to create my own products and establish my own online store and sell at local art fairs. It has been something I have considered for a long time, but I didn’t think it was possible. Talking with other artists at WNYBAC inspired and motivated me to realize I have the potential to do the same if I want to do so.

I did accomplish the majority of my goals, except if I had more time, I would attend more events. But I know I will definitely come back here in the future. The greatest skill I gained was the confidence to design my own products, and I feel like I truly mastered letterpress and screen printing enough to teach other people. As a result of this internship I increased my network of artist peers, and they gave me expert advice on my uncertain future, and I now know what steps to take next. Following this internship I will continue developing my skills by taking a summer course and studying on my own time. I would rate my time at WNYBAC a 10/10, from the friendly staff, to creative environment, and interesting tasks. It also feels great to support a local non-profit, and I plan to continue volunteering here after the conclusion of my internship