Networking events are events that everyone should attend to have more connections to help with their future. The networking event that I went to was the Griff Fair. I went to the Griff Fair to try to connect with a future employer but unfortunately that did not happen for me. Most of the employers that were at the Griff Fair were for people in the communications, psychology, marketing and business fields. Although I did not connect with any one in the graphic design world, I did connect with people from other businesses that may need to use my skills one day. Just talking to a company about what you do can lead to a relationship that may open doors for you one day. Another issue I had at the Griff Fair was that many of the companies present were Buffalo-based companies. I am looking to move to another state after graduation.The companies present could not really help me with connections because they are Buffalo based and stationed but the people who work for them can. The Griff Fair was a great opportunity for me. I did make some connections that may help me in the future !