Last week, I started my internship at Newbird. Newbird is a Web development/Marketing company focused on developing a business’s online presence through the use of clean, professional websites. My first day was a lot of admin related activities such as setting up accounts, passwords, etc. On my second day, however, we got right into things by building a mock-up of a site I’m going to be working on over the course of the internship. For this project, I will be developing a website that is going to be templated out and used for numerous churches and religious-affiliated non-profits across the country. I also got to meet the team which was super cool all in itself. The company is relatively small, employee wise, but everyone there has their own special set of skills that make them invaluable to Newbird’s mission. Overall I’m very excited to be interning with Newbird and can’t wait to see what awesome projects are to come!