Just a few weeks ago I started my internship at ECMC in the human resource department. The anxiety to start the internship was REAL. Was I going to say the wrong thing? Wear the wrong thing? Spill my coffee all over my shirt? I thought the jitters before my interview were bad, little did I know the jitters before my first day were even WORSE! I was ready for my first day on January 14th. It was 7:15 AM and I was finishing my final touches, straitening my hair and telling myself “you can do this!” It was then I got a text from my boss at the internship, telling me she is sick and cannot come in therefore my start date will need to change to Thursday. I got myself so prepared and ready for nothing! As Thursday approached, my nerves got the best of me again. When I arrived at ECMC, I quickly realized there was nothing to be so nervous about. I was freaking out for literally nothing. The people were SO nice. From the security guard greeting me, to the lady giving directions in the hospital asking if I needed any help, to the secretary at the front desk. Everyone made me feel welcome. Since my start date on January 17th I have worked a total of 3 times and have really enjoyed all of them. I have met so great people that are eager to help me learn (I’ve literally probably met 30 people). I have really been focusing on new hires and making sure that all aspects of their files are taken care of. This includes calling their recommendations, verifying their past employment, doing background checks, verifying health records, etc. The hiring process for ECMC is quite rigorous and they are constantly hiring new people every day. Because of this, there is always something to do in HR which makes it such a fast paced environment. I know that throughout my internship I will be handling other aspects within human resources. For example, I will assist the labor relations side of HR, the recruitment side of HR, the benefits side of HR, etc. I am excited for the rest of this semester and what I will learn. I really didn’t know if HR was the right path for me, but after just a few days here I am very happy with my decision.