I attended a networking event with my father on November 22, 2018. The event was held at a Premier Wine and Spirits on Maple Road in Amherst. The event was very interesting because I was able to see my father make various connections with quite a few store owners in the greater Western New York area. It was fascinating to meet professionals in the wine and spirits industry. The event operated rather informally. My dad had a booth where he had people taste a wide variety of wines associated with his portfolio. It was cool to see how much he knew about the product and how interested people were in the wines. I was able to meet a lot of local business owners, and after talking to a couple it amazed me how many loved the fact that I was a communications major. They asked a lot of questions regarding social media and how to advertise properly. All in all was a very fun event where I learned a lot of valuable information, and received a couple business cards as well.