My internship was awesome! I came into the internship hoping to connect with people in the organization and to learn more about the job field I was entering into. I think I accomplished both of those goals. I met so many great people and, by the end of the internship, I felt comfortable saying hello and having conversations with all the people I had met along the way. I feel much more confident in my capabilities in Marketing as I had to utilize professionalism and creativity in my messages on i2 for employees and, in the end, I got to see how those messages help and how they reach people. One of the main projects we were working on was the 2018 Tree of Hope Gingerbread competition. We sent out eye-catching messages early about the competition, made an online form with instructions, and made sure employees knew where and when to receive and bring in their gingerbread houses. Due to this effort, we got 40 gingerbread houses, which were so elaborate and creative that in the raffle for them, we raised over $2000 for the Courage of Carly fund. I think much of this had to do with our messaging and our planning of the event. The benefits I received from this internship include connections, experience, and more. Several of the employees there asked me if I was going to come and work with them after college, which I took as a good sign. Overall, I would rate this experience as a great 9.5/10!