Going into my first day at my internship I was actually kind of worried. I have a lot of experience with in-house marketing but I was concerned if my skills would carry over well. I knew that I would primarily be working in content marketing, but I wasn’t sure how I would adjust to an agency environment.

Now a week into my internship, I feel right at home at the agency. I am doing a lot of what I am used to. A lot of newsletters/website, blogs, and social media marketing. Just after one week, I can see that working in an agency, especially a small agency, requires you to be extremely organized and self-motivated. With so many clients and reps from different companies, it could be hard to get them confused. I don’t think just anyone could work in an agency. You really need to love “your specialty” (graphic design, content marketing, media planning, etc.) in order to enjoy your job. You have to be okay spending +8 hours a day just writing copy or just creating graphics.

One aspect that I really enjoy is getting to work to represent so many different companies. It makes it feel much more dynamic, even when I spend most of the day writing & editing copy. I have already worked to help represent about 5 clients and it really is cool to see my work on so many different platforms.

Overall, I think I will really enjoy working at Abbey Mecca. Everyone here is very nice and I’m slowly learning more about my co-workers and their background. It is a very chill work environment and everyone loves The Office! I’m looking forward to working more with everyone at the agency to further my knowledge of how each branch of the agency operates.