I will intern at La Source in France, and at Sakae Institute of Studying Abroad in Japan.

La Sorce is a small school in Meudon, France. I decided to intern in France because I could improve two language skills: English and French. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and flew to the United States to improve my English skills and to study Interpersonal Communication. I thought that this would be a great opportunity for me to improve two languages skills. For this internship at La Sorce, as an assistant for the English teachers, I want to figure out the best way to communicate with children. The students at La Source are still young and I will mainly help the English teacher who teaches kindergarden students and elementary students, so I want to do my best to pay attention from them and make them to interest in English.

Sakae Institute of Studying Abroad is a company that gives advice to mainly  junior high school students and high school students who are interested in studying abroad in the United States. I chose to intern at Sakae Institute of Studying Abroad because I used this agency to come to Canisius College. First, I did not know how to apply to the colleges in the United States and they helped me a lot. Therefore, I want to give the best advice to the students who are interested in studying abroad in the United Stets. I believe that I can give great advice because I spent three years in the States as a college student. I want to tell both cons and pros about studying abroad so that they can experience college life in the States.