I finished up my last official week at the SPCA Serving Erie County two weeks ago. I learned so much during my time there. I wrote many press releases that were turned in to my supervisor for him to edit and give me feedback on how to make them better. I was very grateful for this because I know later on in life, this may be something I will have to do as I pursue a career in public relations. I feel like I gained a lot of great experience there and will have a one up on some people who haven’t gotten this hands on experience when I head into grad school at Syracuse in July for PR. What’s great about the SPCA development team is that they said to me, as I was leaving, that they would always vouch for me and told me to come back whenever I wanted to say “hi.” They were such a fun and welcoming group of people to work with and I highly suggest someone else be given the opportunity to intern there. But I haven’t left the SPCA permanently just yet. Since I’ve been helping plan their annual Wine & Wags Event, getting vendors to come and companies to donate to the raffle, I wanted to see how the whole event turned out. I will be going into the office the week of the event to help set up and put the final touches on to make sure it all works out perfectly! Then I will attend the event June 6. So when I said farewell two weeks ago, I knew it wasn’t a permanent goodbye. It was a “see you later.”