This past month I attended the annual Griff Fair held right here on campus in Science Hall. The event took place on March 15th and lasted around two hours. Companies and businesses from all around Buffalo come together to share their experiences and knowledge in a number of career fields with students like us. This event always has a great turn out and is a wonderful experience for students of all years of college to attend. I met a lot of wonderful people in Marketing, Communications, PR, etc. who were more than happy to share advice with me. Employers from Rich’s, Wegmans, Geico, and many more were in attendance at this event. Students can gain a lot from attending this event. It is so important to continue to practice networking so that when you enter a professional career field you may not be as intimated to talk with people. As you continue to network, it gets easier. You never know who you may meet when attending these kinds of events!