After getting back from a spring break vacation in Florida, I transitioned back to school and the “real world” quickly as I participated in an all-women’s networking event on April 10th in the Science Hall Commons. The event, titled Building Beautiful Partnerships: A Mentoring and Networking Event, was hosted by the Women’s Leadership Council and The Griff Center. The event was set up as a speed networking event, similar to the one hosted by AWMC last semester. It was designed similarly, as each student got four to five minutes with each professional. Although the event was about networking and gaining professional advice from those who are more experienced, the event also focused on the importance of connection and mentorship. Regarding connection, the students were introduced to Canisius Connect, a way for Canisius alumni and current students to stay in contact and collaborate with each other. This is a tool that those involved with Canisius can use throughout the rest of their life and continue networking. Regarding mentorship, those participating and presenting made it overwhelmingly clear that having mentors throughout your career will be a huge benefit to you. Mentors are individuals that have previously gone through what you have and want to help you be the best version of yourself and be as successful as possible. Every professional they had there were willing to participate in the mentorship, even if it was only for a few minutes at a time.

I had the opportunity to talk to a plethora of successful, innovative women and Canisius alums who were willing to spread their professional experience and wisdom to me as my journey as a student at Canisius comes to a close. Some of the women that I was able to talk to and gain knowledge from included Linda Mariacher, Vice President of Corporate Risk Management at M&T Bank, AnneMarie Block, PhD, Laboratory Director of the Cytogenetics Lab, and Taj Hall, Mental Health Counselor. I had wonderful conversations with these women about my time at Canisius and my plans for the future. They provided great advice for me and I am grateful for their time. One other individual in particular that I enjoyed talking to was Maureen Hurley, former Executive VP/Chief Administrative Officer at Rich Products Corporation, where I am currently having my internship. She also knows my grandparents, so we were able to have a very comfortable, open conversation. I have heard individuals at my internship discuss Maureen Hurley and I could not wait to talk to her at this event. She provided me with some great tips and encouraged me to continue with my passion. I definitely benefited from this networking event and I hope to be able to keep in contact with these women and others in the future!