Since I have been working at my internship since mid-December, I am probably the one-percent. I have been settled in for quite some tome and I am very comfortable with my supervisors. Scheduling has become quite hectic as of late. The Buffalo Auto Show runs from February 8 to 11, and move-in day is this Saturday, February 3.

The Buffalo Auto Show Facebook page.

I am excited to see the what the move-in process is like. Being behind the scenes will allow me to capture a lot of amazing images and videos for the various social media accounts that I am operating. I am currently contributing to the Buffalo Auto Show Facebook page, and I am the sole operator of the @buffalo_auto_show Instagram account.

The Buffalo Auto Show Instagram page.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing, though. As I was in the process of submitting three stories to the Buffalo News promoting the upcoming Auto Show, I was back-and-forth with my editor disputing what was actually desired in the articles that I was composing. The discussions that we had in a meeting a few weeks back did not match up to what was told to me via email. As with any other adversity that I have faced in the past, I chose to be direct and call my editor to discuss what was now desired, and how I could deliver that as soon as possible. Although it was a frustrating at the time, I am happy to say that I made revisions and submitted all three articles. I have since received positive feedback, and the first of three will appear this Friday, the second on Sunday, and the final next Friday, February 9.

I hope that everyone is having fun and getting comfortable in each individual environment that you are working in. I would love to see you all at the Auto Show. Discount tickets are only $8 and they are available here.

If you have any questions please let me know. I would love to give any advice that I can, or answer questions about things that you all are experiencing. Good luck this semester.