It’s slightly flabbergasting to realize that my internship at the BNMC is now over and completed. It seems like just yesterday I was nervous about my first day. and what the people and atmosphere would be like. The time flew by! But here’s what I was up to towards the end.

I want to mention that at the BNMC, I think they allot a good amount of freedom to the work that you do. The projects that they would ask me to handle were left up to my creativity and judgement, with overviews and revisions, of course, to ensure that all the work was done correctly. I got to create event flyers, participate in communications team meetings, email and communicate participants of different projects- some peers, some professionals, and take my own pictures to use as thumbnails for the Art Map that the BNMC will be releasing soon. It was really great to have all those different opportunities, and what made it even more exciting was that the atmosphere really allowed for me to get creative with my visions and feel as though they were actually helpful and effective within that workplace. Sarah, my supervisor, was super kind and very helpful, without being overbearing or inattentive. Instruction was clear, but the delivery was left up to me. This was a great work environment for me, and it made me feel more confident to do better in the internship.

One of my favorite moments was the Luncheon with the CEO of BNMC. which was one of my highlights of the entire internship because Matt was extremely easy to relate to, and he was very humble, yet with a huge personality to match. He inspired me in many ways, and it was lovely to be able to share that space and moment with him, as well as the other interns. On my last day, the Communications department and I went outĀ for lunch at a nearby restaurant called CoCo’s. I had never been there before so it was a fun, new experience and I had a lovely time. It was nice to just sit and talk with them about my goals and hopes for after, and about random life things. That was a really good way to bond more, and get to know one anotherĀ better outside of the workplace. The pomegranate bbq chicken sandwich was super delicious!


I wish I had more time to spend- as we discussed that an 8 hour work week was just not enough time! However, I am super grateful for the opportunity and all that I learned throughout the experience. I tried to take everything in, down to the little details, and retain as much of the learning as possible. It was lovely to be a part of a cool team, with a mission so thorough. BNMC is trying to change the visions and spirit of the Buffalo community, one innovative and creative idea at a time!