Over the course of a few months, I feel like I have learned and grown so much as a professional. Going into this internship, I was nervous about fitting in at the workplace, being able to fulfill all necessary tasks, and relating and communicating with my co-workers effectively. All of these doubts have dissipated as I have worked with an amazing team of men and women who have supported me and given me valuable feedback.

One of the biggest takeaways from this experience was a newfound love and appreciation for making a difference in the community and doing worthwhile work with a non-profit organization. I have always been passionate about volunteering in the community, but I never thought of relating that to a professional career. Since spending time at Roswell, I have been inspired to further consider working for a not- for-profit. I love the work that I’ve been doing at my internship, and I love the work atmosphere; everyone is so passionate and willing to work with one another in order to make a difference. When asked by my supervisor about how satisfied I was with the assigned tasks I was given, I expressed to her how great it felt to be a part of a team that was doing such worthwhile work in the cancer research field. This is something that I certainly don’t take for granted.

I have learned to be more independent; taking little direction and running with it. I have also learned a lot about time management and creating productive time frames for myself. Working on their blog, my written skills have been improved and streamlined. My creative skills have also been improved through the production of marketing materials, graphics, and social media posts. My departure from Roswell is more bitter than sweet, but I feel I have gained enough valuable experience to further my career search in the future.