The Association of Women and Men in Communications club hosted their “Speedy Networking Event” on November 16th. The event was held on campus in Old Main and ran for two hours. The event consisted of a half hour of refreshments and mingling, followed by the actual speed networking. The speed networking was set up so that two students could speak with one professional for three minutes. Once those three minutes were up, the students moved on to the next professional. It was designed so that you simply just had to move down the row, which was very convenient. The professionals who attended were either Canisius alumni or current Canisius employees who all had a profession in the communications industry. There was a wide variety of professions, which provided a unique perspective on how diverse this industry can be. I enjoyed speaking with Steve Brown, a reporter for WGRZ, because he had very helpful and insightful advice on how to make the most of an internship. I think attending this event was very beneficial because it allowed us to network further with people we already share something in common with, attending Canisius. It made that initial introduction very easy because we already had something to talk about. All the professionals had valuable and helpful advice to give to all of the students. If the event were to be done again, I think it would help if there was a little more time given to each session. At some points, I didn’t want to move on because I thought I was really connecting with the professional. Overall, it was a wonderful event and I am happy I attended.