It went by quick, but my internship is over.
I know it sounds cliche, but this summer flew by. I can thank my internship for that. It seemed like the hours went by fast and the weeks flew. After what seems like a short amount of time it’s all over.
My internship at Kaleida was a great learning experience. Not just because I was finally given some direction towards what I want to do after college, but because I got to talk to so many people about their paths and what they did to be successful. Every person I got to talk to I tried to ask them all the same question; “how did you get to where you are today?” Some people gave short responses, saying that they went to school and applied for a job and a few years later applied for another one and now they’re here. Few others went more into detail about the struggles and uncertainty of their career path, about how they had jobs they hated and had to really buckle down for a years and years to get out of it. It was cool to see that nobody really took the same path but all ended up at the same spot. It was comforting to be reminded that there isn’t one linear way to success.
I tried to learn something new every time I worked. Whether it was about my specific job or something in general like what a 401K is and how it differs from a 403B, I didn’t want to leave without something new. I knew I had to take advantage of my situation because I was surrounded by people who had successfully entered a field of work that I was interested in. I tried to soak up as much as I could.
The most important thing that I took away from my internship was that I found a career path that I’m genuinely interested in pursuing once I graduate. I was kind of lost going into it, so i’m thankful that Kaleida allowed me to bounce around and treat my internship as a true learning experience.
I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and went through with my internship. I was able to learn a lot. It was challenging at times, but the only things I could really complain about, like how awful it is to drive home during rush hour, were just the byproducts of the whole internship experience. I couldn’t imagine stepping foot into the workforce after college without an internship. I think it gave me at least a taste of what I can expect a year or so from now when I’m all done with 9:00 AM classes and part-time jobs.