You might be wondering how a 12 hour work day could possibly be fun. Well, it is when you’re working outside in the sun at Coca-Cola Field, listening to good music and meeting famous stars. Luckily, when I started working for WYRK, I was put on the schedule to work this amazing event that happens every summer. I was running around all day, going to the grocery store to pick up groceries for Randy Houser (I even got to bring them onto his tour bus), and making sure the country singers had everything they needed for the show. During the times I wasn’t working, I was able to relax, enjoy the music, and meet some of the country singers and Bills players who showed up with Michael Ray. My twelve hour work day felt like 4. In no time, my shift was over. Going back to the office wasn’t as exciting (there are no country stars here), but I still have a lot of fun working on content for the WYRK and WBLK websites and calling contestant winners to congratulate them on winning concert tickets. And a bonus is that there are a bunch of really cool places to eat during my lunch break near by! I’m looking forward to working more events and learning more about the radio stations here at Townsquare Media of Buffalo.