Being an intern at El Buen Amigo was overall a wonderful learning experience. I truly enjoyed the proximity of the organization in Allentown and most importantly, working with my supervisors. One of the things that I learned there was the extension of where my Spanish speaking skills lie and how much I was able to improve my skills just by being an intern. I spoke mostly Spanish, which was a way to practice speaking it with others. Also, I worked to translate documents, Spanish to English and vice versa, that clients would bring in.  It was really a good way for me to stay in touch with my native tongue while also being an intern. Although I spent most of my time on the computer updating their social media sites, websites, and getting into contact with the communities, I also got a chance to work on my interpersonal communication skills. I was able to facilitate a cultural immersion event with two groups of students from high schools. At first, it was a bit nerve-racking because I was very shy to communicate with a huge group and it was my first time. But, the second time around, I was able to fully embrace the moment and efficiently communicate and facilitate. There are many things that I learned being at El Buen Amigo and I am very grateful that I spent my semester there.