As I’m reflecting about the end my Marketing & Communication Internship at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, it’s all really starting to hit me. Four years and three internships later, I’m going to become a college graduate this month, and I’m very grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to close out my college career at Roswell Park.

When I was graduating from high school, I felt as if the idea of having a professional job was some sort of a fantasy. I would wonder if I would ever be able to so something like that. At that time, I don’t even think I quite understood what “that” was. The adult world, in general, seemed so far out of reach.

I wish I would be able to tell my 17-year-old self that it was completely okay to feel that way. I wish that I would be able to tell myself that in the years to come at Canisius, I will be able to face those uncertainties and be able to gain more confidence in my abilities. I will learn that nobody is expected to know everything, and it is a wonderful thing that learning doesn’t end after I graduate from college.

My experiences at Roswell Park this semester put me a few steps closer to the very idea that I used to be so afraid of. With the help and advice of my supervisor, I was able to reach my personal goals and work towards developing my skills to be a young professional in the WNY communications field. Almost without even realizing it, I had lost my fear of “that.” Thanks to my experiences at Canisius, this new adult world no longer seemed so unfamiliar.

One aspect of this internship that I will never forget was the dedication and love that Roswell Park employees put into their jobs. Seeing everyone work towards a common belief was inspiring in itself, but also for the fact that it and I could see how it made a difference for so many people.

Even though I know I’ll always have more to work on, I’m thankful to Roswell Park for helping me gain more confidence in myself and showing me the importance of working as a team to accomplish goals bigger than any individual. Thank you Roswell Park and Canisius for giving me this opportunity!