This semester I was able to network with radio, news and business professionals during the launch of a campaign I had been working on called Love Up. Love Up is a city wide initiative that involves reaching out to the community in order to provide resources to help members of the community live to their fullest potential. I have been working relentlessly with my supervisor coming up with a proposal, marketing materials, a budget sheet and over all general ideas for this campaign. On April 13th, WUFO kick started the Love Up Campaign at its headquarters. It was a great experience to meet all of the sponsors of this campaign including organizations such as HOPE Buffalo, D.A.D.D.S, Say Yes and Food for Thought. I was also able to meet the woman behind the idea of this initiative, Rita Hubbard-Robinson, who thanked me for all my efforts as an important part of the Love Up team. It felt great to be able to be a part of this event and to talk to some of these individuals and find out about the various programs that work towards encouraging and helping the people of  city of Buffalo.