Working in the newsroom has been quite an experience so far at WIVB-TV Channel 4. It is enjoyable to hear how stories are pitched, developed, and carried out and to be right in the middle of the action to witness it all unfold has been great. What I have found most exciting so far has been going out on different assignments with reporters. Things become adventurous and exciting when I am able to get out of the office to go report on a story. Getting out of the office for fresh air is one nice aspect, but the even better part is that a lot of times unexpected and exciting events may happen along the way. I went to a press conference the other day with one of the reporters and it was on the topic of the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. The set of panelists backed up their reasoning pretty well, I thought, in regards to the benefits of legalization for the economy and infrastructure. Many of the local stations were there too. What made it even more entertaining and exciting was when one of the reporters from another station literally started going off in a very aggressive manner to the panelists of the press conference. He wanted to make a point but he came off as very aggressive. After a while it became amusing to see them argue back and forth. This was a cool experience to be a part of.

I have not gone out on assignment with the sports reporters yet, which I hope to do very soon. This is my main interest and am looking forward to going to Sabres morning skate practices and reporting on sports in the area. Although originally I would have rather have only been a part of the sports department, being part of the newsroom has also been quite interesting and I believe will help me be more versatile. I am glad that my supervisor, Nancy, suggested that I be a part of both departments so that I gain good experience in both.

After a few weeks now I feel like I have settled into the newsroom and I enjoy being there. The morning debrief meetings are always very cool and interesting as discussion of different topics and stories are made. It is good to have this dialogue with everyone there to find out what’s going on and what we as a television station should be putting out there for the public to see. I look forward to continuing to gain more experience moving forward in the newsroom and sport departments at Channel 4.