Last week was my first week at the Greater Niagara Frontier Council. So far I am already seeing that this is going to be a very fun and productive experience. The focal point of my experience will be helping them prepare for the big fundraising event they will be having in March called Fire and Ice. From my first day until now I have been able to contribute in several ways. Some examples include contacting companies to get donations for the event, helping my supervisor write an “ask proposal” for a major donor, writing a press release, helping them prepare to send out invitations and even assisting with a commercial filming. So far it has already been an enjoyable experience and I am really learning a lot from my supervisor and the rest of the people i work with in the office. I really enjoy the work environment because it is pretty calm and laid back but at the same time everyone gets their tasks done and contributes in their own way. They are all very helpful and make it very easy for me to go to them with questions I may have and seem to be very interested in my success while I am there. I have also received a great deal of positive feedback from them, which makes things even better. So as far as settling into my internship, I cannot complain because things have been great already!