I just finished up my first day of work as an intern at WBBZ-TV and the day went even better than I anticipated. Last summer, as a product marketing intern at another local company, my first day of work consisted of boring training on the computer for their super complicated program that I never even ended up using while I was there. I assumed that my first day at WBBZ would be the same; I would first have to go through some boring training before actually getting started as an intern. To my surprise, it was not like that at all! I jumped right into the WBBZ-TV family! The reason I say “the WBBZ-TV family” is because everybody there acts like they are one big, happy family. They were all so kind and very welcoming. After I was introduced to everybody in the family, I got started working right away; no training at all! I remember thinking, “this is awesome!” I was given the usernames and passwords to their Facebook and Twitter accounts and began posting on their social media about their up-coming events.  I then began confirming and booking contestants for their game show, “Bragging Rights.” I also sat in on their weekly meeting and at the end of the day met “America’s Polka Sweetheart” when she came in for an interview, which I was able to watch in the production room. As I walked out of my first day at WBBZ-TV, I felt relieved knowing that I had found a great place to do my summer internship.  I am excited to continue working with the WBBZ-TV family and learn more about production!