The past few weeks at DPost have already been pretty exciting for me. On my first day, I met my supervisor on location and we did a B-Roll shoot for a local Medical Center. The crew were all very welcoming and communicative! In our free time, I enjoyed hearing about how they started in the business. Aside from filming, I had a chance to see a bit of the professional voice over process as well. Between the client and crew, we listened carefully for any errors in the script, and our talent’s tone and pace.

Last Thursday, I organized check-in for a casting for a web commercial at the office. I love the space the office is in. Although the building from the outside is nondescript, the inside is professional and modern. It really represents the personality of the DPost team! At the casting, I took headshots of the actors and provided them with labels so that later on the client can easily recognize them. I got a chance to watch a couple of the auditions and that was especially gripping because of my interest in acting. Also, I was impressed by the smooth directing and setup of the auditions.

As for the next few weeks, I will be assisting on a shoot for the web commercial and another shoot in Rochester. Overall, I’ve met many nice people so far and learned more than expected. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to my time with DPost!