As my internship officially comes to an end I can feel a sense of accomplishment. Although my role was not very big and I only worked there a few days a week, I felt part of the team.

While working with Josh Kruk and the entire Canisius College Marketing department I learned the importance of marketing a message across an institution.

When I walked into the office I understood the very basics of social media marketing. In time I had the opportunities to expand my knowledge of the tools of the trade.  I got to learn how to focus a message across all three major social media sites; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  I learned about web analytic tools like, that let me comb the entire internet for keywords.

I am happy to report that I will be volunteering my time over the summer to continue my learning of CMS (content management system). This will help me learn how to update and create sites, such as the Canisius homepage. Due to some time constraints during the semester we did not get to cover some other important tools.

I do encourage other students who have an interest in social media to look into this internship. There is much more to creating a web presence than just a few clever tweets. The team at Canisius are fantastic at what they do and the amount of knowledge they can impart is worthwhile.