Yesterday was my last day at WGR Sports Radio, and I am glad to have been given such a great opportunity. Although I had to be in at 7am, it was definitely worth it. I was very fortunate to have Matt as my supervisor, as well.  Matt did a very good job providing me with a full on experience of what it would be like to work in the sports radio/media industry. Reflecting and looking back on the internship as a whole, I and Matt both can tell how much I have progressed.

At the beginning of the internship I started off editing and recording audio. I then started to routinely write and record sportscasts in the recording booth right across Matt, Jeremy, and Howard’s booths. At the beginning of the semester Matt and I came up with goals that I hoped to accomplish before the end of the semester. As the semester finished, I was able to accomplish each one and more. The goals included making multiple sports casts of different lengths (two minute daily sports cast, a short voice-over (30-45 seconds) sports news piece, and a longer (5 minute) opinion-styled sportscast on a single topic.  I did all of these recordings and was able to save them in my portfolio.  I also posted 5 articles to the WGR website ( by the end of the semester.

Matt really tried to give me the full on experience, and am grateful for that. Matt also showed me how to work the media side of a sporting event. We went to a Bisons game and he showed me how it would be to work a game. I constructed a story of the game while we were in the press box and then interviewed the players and coach in the media room.

On my last day, I was able to go on-air. I was in a discussion for about 15 minutes with Howard Simon, Jeremy White, and Matthew Coller and it was very fun. It was an incredible experience.

It was great working with Matt and everyone else at WGR. The building belongs Entercom, which owns all of the radio stations in the building. Because of this, I was able to meet people from WBEN and STAR 102.5.

I have also seen how stressful working in the industry and on deadline can be. Overall, this was an incredible experience and I look forward to taking what I learned with me wherever I go.