For my networking event I went to the Buffalo ADDY Awards at Statler City, an event hosted by the Ad Club of Buffalo every year. For agencies in Buffalo – this event is important. Pretty much every agency that has made a name for itself is there and the event is especially important for people on the creative side since it focuses on the work itself.

I have to admit—walking in was intimidating. It was a formal event so there were a lot of people and everyone was dressed up. Many of these people know each other already since they have been in the industry.

The event ended up being really fun though. I was invited by Gelia along with some other interns so there were a number of people I could talk to initially.

Along with people from Gelia, the guys and interns from Luminus, where I also intern, were there too. I talked with them and they introduced me to the people they knew from other agencies. Once you start knowing people, it seems that the ad world of Buffalo really isn’t that big. It also becomes easier to network because it really does seem like everyone know each other.