I have now been at my internship with Sisters Hospital working in Special Events for three weeks. Already I have worked on many different tasks ranging from mail mergers to mailings, to organizing files. My first week, I stuffed envelops for a mailing to all the companies that the hospital is requesting donations from. What others would deem a boring task was actually quite relaxing. My boss was helping with the mailing, so it also served as an opportunity to get more familiar with her. I truly enjoyed this task and it was a nice way to start off.

My second week, I did research on new places in Buffalo to ask for donations. That research has deepened my appreciation for Buffalo and has also heightened my interest to explore all these interesting places I had not been aware of prior to this assignment. This opportunity really increased my investment in this project, because I got to mail out the letters to companies I chose. I am looking forward to seeing if we get any donations as a result. During the second week, I was also taught how to do a mail merge, which will be very helpful within this internship and beyond. Another skill I have been able to work on since the second week is working with Excel. I already have six Excel documents that I have been given to work with and I am getting more comfortable with it.

This week, I have been tasked with creating a video for a big fundraising event that will be taking place in April. This is something I am very excited to be working on and I appreciate that they trust me with this responsibility after only a few weeks. We are trying to raise money for NICU at the hospital, so the video I will be making will feature people who have been helped in the NICU as babies. We want to show how far and how strong these babies have grown to be. Our overall goal is to see some tears. This video will be shown before the auction at the Black & White Ball event.

Overall, so far, I feel very comfortable in my position and enjoy working with the professionals in the office. I work primarily with three other women and they are great individuals to be surrounded by. I feel like I have already learned a lot and am thankful for how helpful everyone has been in the office. It is a very friendly environment and I enjoy coming in and doing what I can to help them in return. I’m excited by the responsibilities that they have lined up for me for the next few weeks.