Yes I did.  My first and second days at WBBZ-TV have gone extremely well.  I’ve been updating their Facebook and Twitter pages so that those who are friends with/following them can know what it showing and when.  I sat in on three tapings of their show “Bragging Rights,” a game show in which two teams (three members each) showcase how much they know through a series of trivia questions.  Two of these were in the studio, the other was in the control room.

The following day, I was shown how to “Ingest” an infomercial.  The process involves transferring a filmed product into digitized picture.  The process has many steps, but through repetition, I’m sure that it will become second nature to me.  I was also shown how to edit a 10 second commercial; I made suggestions that the young man editing the commercial put into practice.  I am very glad and thankful for the opportunity to show WBBZ-TV what I have to offer, and hope that this will continue during the coming weeks and months.