I went to the Networking event located at Buffalo State College. Most of the people there were member of some chapter of PRSSA or PRSA, however the event was open to everyone. At first I wasn’t sure how the event would go, I figured these professional would try to talk down to me, because they are already so developed in their careers however I was pleasantly surprised by how considerate they really were! I felt all of the professionals there wanted to help us students and talked to us like we were on the same level. I was nervous however, felt comfortable enough when most of them gave me their business cards and told me to email them or call if I needed anything. I only spoke with these strangers for 10 to 15 mins at the most but I feel more welcomed than I have ever felt around strangers. I would recommend any student who is in the field of Communication and Media Studies, to go to a networking event and meet these professionals. We are all in a tough field but it just takes one foot to get us in that doorway!


Posted on behalf of Amy Overhoff.