I began my first internship at Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens and have been there for about 2 weeks now. I wasn’t sure I was going to like the internship because I wanted something more close to advertising than Public Relations however, I can honestly say I love it! The people are very helpful and I always have a ton of work to do. I don’t do the same thing twice and it keeps me on my toes. This week I am helping out with an artist coming on the grounds to create a masterpiece. He has already begun with the chainsaws and tree limbs. I feel that my work and time there will pay off by the end of my internship. I have another internship at Crowley Webb which is an Advertising agency. I will be working in the traffic department starting September 16 and am really excited to begin. The traffic department deals with every aspect of the agency and I feel that I will not only understand the agency better but also know which direction I will go when graduating in December. I am excited for the next few months at both internships and hope that I walk away with valuable experience and knowledge.