Whoa… Who knew Buffalo was such a hustling and bustling city! I am proud to be a Buffalonian, especially after finding two women who will enhance my summer by measures unknown to me. Heidi Raphael and Tracy LeBlanc are two women who “get it.” They are incredible at their jobs and they love to teach others to do them.
In the beginning I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised when Heidi Raphael (President of Buffalo Broadcasting Association) treated me as if she knew me for years. Heidi is a powerhouse, and EVERYONE knows it. I am excited to see how much more I can learn from her and those she surrounds herself with. Through the providence of Heidi I got the chance to meet Tracy LeBlanc who does everything and anything to do with communication for Lake Shore. Tracy is involved in so many projects for Lake Shore and she is willing to let me learn all of them!
Both of these women are willing to how me just how awesome Buffalo is. Both of them have already shown me so much by their professionalism and expertise. Look out Buffalo because I’m hitting the ground running, because I have been blessed enough to be placed in very capable hands. This experience will not be easy or always fun, but it will be worthwhile and life changing.