I attended the lunch and learn networking event on Thursday, April 9th in the student center. There are a series of these events that happen on campus throughout the year featuring different speakers. This lunch and learn featured Jill Bond, head of HR at Rich Products. I began by being confused about where to sit (the tables were set up in a “U” shape with chairs on both sides) and wondering if I was being rude by not eating. Jill started by asking us to all introduce ourselves and state our majors and goals. There were about 20 students who attended, each with their own areas of study and aspirations. We hung on every word she said.  I made sure to take notes, but unfortunately was too shy to ask questions. I did however benefit from the questions asked by others. After Jill spoke for about an hour I made sure to be the first one to introduce myself and exchange business cards with her. Although this event was a bit awkward, the awkwardness was definitely outweighed by how beneficial it could be to my future. I would recommend that more students put themselves out there go to networking events.