It’s hard to believe that my internship with Argybargy is over. Thankfully I moved on from cleaning screens because it was a messy job and paint ended up in my hair, nails and all over my face. My supervisor learned quickly that cleaning screens was not my favorite thing to do and would apologize to me, but to get to the good stuff I had to get through the messy stuff. I learned so many new things about screen-printing through this internship, from screen-printing posters to t-shirts to making buttons. Each screen-printing process is the same yet different and it was interesting to see how I had to pull the ink through the screen at different angles for printing posters versus t-shirts.

One of my favorite parts of this internship was printing one of my own designs on a t-shirt. The past couple of weeks I have been working on my own t-shirt design for a volleyball team that I am on this summer. I was able to design my t-shirt and work through the whole screen-printing process with the help of my supervisor. Being able to start and finish all of the steps in screen-printing felt very rewarding. I can’t wait to put everything that I have learned at Argybargy into my screen-printing job this summer!


Beavis and Bumphead Volleyball T-shirt