Ronco Communications is my third internship ever and my past two experiences did not leave me with high expectations applying for another, but I was hopeful. When I first heard of this opportunity, Dr. Wanzer shared with me that my supervisor is an amazing teacher but that like any other, you start off slow. Once I accepted and arrived on my first day, I was expecting some remedial task that probably involved filing or customer service calls. I was pleasantly proven wrong. First day, I was invited into back-to-back meetings with the various directors of sales and marketing; then with the marketing team I would be working with internally.  Right from the start I was given writing pieces to be featured on the homepage, and projects that I will be nurturing over time and spearheading. They have included in me in every decision every step of the way and genuinely appreciate and consider the ideas I contribute to the team. There a many more projects in store and I could not be more excited to implement almost all the skills the communication studies department has taught me over the years!