Working in the web design field involves a lot of work over the internet. Communicating, transferring content, sharing images, and even having meetings through Skype. The cool thing is that you can deal with clients from around the world while working remotely. But sometimes, it is just easier to hash things out over a cup of coffee at the local Spot.

That’s how my work at Field II started. A meeting with my two supervisors at Spot Coffee which we decided to call our “weekly web powwow.” We discussed meeting dates, scheduling and times to work and upcoming client work that would get really busy. I have found that working in this field involves a schedule that is a bit up in the air. There are unknowns such as how the site will work, what content to transfer, and of course, how often the client changes their mind and how long it takes them to get you the information you need.

Anyway, I got started right away Monday morning with my first in-person client meeting with a company called Unifrax. I was already familiar with what Unifrax was because I did minor work on their website when it was still in the earlier stages. The meeting ended up being pretty casual since the site was almost finished and we went over just a few more details to work out.

The funny thing about this meeting was that I was so used to working on the site and discussing things with the client over the web, but it never seemed that real until I actually met the woman I had talked to and walked through the building of the company that we were working with. But my supervisor told me that dealing with the clients in person is a big part of it simply because there are so many different personalities and you have to be able to adjust and figure out the best way to deal with them.