Out of breath, sweat dripping and legs fatigued.  These were the physical effects that I felt an hour before I started my first day as an intern at the Buffalo Museum of Science.  When I got back to my room from soccer practice, I quickly ate breakfast and got ready.  9:15 the oven clock read as the green outline of the numbers grabbed my eyes as it was speaking to me, “come on it’s time to go.”  My heart began to beat, my adrenaline was kicking in like it was an hour earlier at practice.  I was one step closer to opening the museum doors.  I got this.  I started my car and drove the short 2 miles on Humboldt Parkway.

The first day of my internship I was feeling very excited but also nervous. It was a good mix of both feelings where I didn’t feel over confident in myself or scared.  I was on my way to experience a position in my field of interest where I could finally apply what I have learned in the classroom.

As I sat on the wooden bench by the ticket office, I heard the elevator doors open.  Walking out was my internship supervisor, Member Relations manager, Deborah Goodman.  With a warm smile she greeted me and in a chipper voice said, “Mattia, it’s good to see you again, are you ready to start your first day?”

From my first day to now, my nervous feelings have subsided and I am now feeling much more calm and confident in what I’m doing.  After almost three weeks being there I have settled in and am now in the flow of working on the member only monthly newsletter. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to a non-profit organization, such as the Buffalo Museum of Science, to educate the Buffalo area.