After completing my internship at Trellis Marketing, I looked back at my goal statement to see if I met my goals. I really wanted to get to work on some branding projects and add some print and web pieces to my portfolio, and I did. One is an interactive banner ad for one of their clients. I learned from a few mistakes, such as sending wrong file sizes to clients. It was nice to get this out of the way early; I’ll never make this mistake again. The internship helped me establish relationships with people in the industry, which can go a long way when I continue as a freelance designer and illustrator after college. I learned that advertising, though sometimes hectic, could be a great career. Being able to see your work on TV and in print is very gratifying. I started a project with another client during the internship, but after a few staff changes, the person who handled the account decided to leave the agency. Fortunately, I made a good impression and I’ve continued to work on the re-branding project. This project is a real résumé builder; it shows how I can take an idea from idea to conception.