So far things have been going great. My first day at the internship I designed a logo and letterhead for SeniorTV, both of which were chosen from the bunch as the final logo. I’ve been learning a lot about branding, and how to stay within the clients brand yet still find ways to be creative. I’m working on some ads for Becker Farms and Old Fort Niagara for the Halloween season which is really cool. My internship director, and only other designer here left for 15 fingers, another agency in Buffalo, so I am the only designer here for this week. I think this is a great way to learn, I am forced to step up this week. It’s nice having someone help me with the little things like setting up guidelines for brochures and business cards (things that can easily be messed up) and someone to check my work. Overall I think this will end up being a good experience and a chance to showcase what I bring to the table.