It is the last week at my summer internship in the promotions department at Entercom. I have loved working here this summer even if it was only for two months. I met so many people and got to participate in great opportunities like Kiss The Summer Hello, Starry Night in the Garden, and doing various activities to help get ready for the Alternative Buffalo Kerfuffle Concert and the WGR 550 Golf Tournament.

I’m really going to miss it here! Everyone in the promotions office is really nice to work with, and I always looked forward to coming in every time I’m here. The atmosphere is friendly and fun so I never felt like I didn’t belong or like I was just an intern. Before I started here I felt nervous because it was my first internship, and I was worried I would feel like a shadow. I quickly learned this is not a place where I would feel that way. People in other parts of the office know my name and were always willing to help me. For example, I was having trouble working the copy machine in the sales office, and a woman walking by stopped to help. I also have filled in at reception three times while the receptionist needed people to take shifts. Working reception can sometimes be difficult because whoever is working it needs to know where everything is and how the system on the computer works.

At my internship I learned how to use Promo Suite, the program the office has for keeping track of every winner and every contest ever won. The system takes a few tries to understand, but I am happy I finally got used to it. I also got to have hands on experience in radio station promotions, as well as what happens behind the scenes. I learned what goes into planning major events like concerts and charity events, and got to work them myself! I talked to contest winners, managed all the prizes, and helped prepare for the stations’ remotes.

For my first internship, Entercom was perfect. I had fun, learned a lot, and stepped outside my comfort zone. It is a great internship especially in the summer because there is so much going on. I am going to miss coming here, the experience was great! I am very thankful I got to be here for the summer!