I must say that I feel my internship is very different from most. I have known my supervisor for over a year now and have been part of his process before, not as an employee, but as a client. Now I get to see all of the effort and works that goes into a day in the life of the Buffalo marketing director for 2day FM.

In the days leading up to starting I was extremely anxious. Every day I thought about the worst possible scenario, even if it wasn’t reasonable. I knew that I was going to meet a lot of important people in the radio industry and in nightlife, which is what made me nervous. If I decided to go down this path in life, I knew I would end up seeing many of these people again in the future and their opinions would affect my future. I wanted to be as sure as possible that I would make a positive impression that would last.

To my surprise everyone is extremely nice and easy to work with. Even during week one there was open communication with everyone bouncing around different ideas. I got to help with the advertisements right away, picking out background music and what points to focus on. I already started to apply what I learned in the classroom to real life, but also learned that you have to take what’s in the textbook and make it your own. Everything is about being original and ahead of the game. I’m excited for where this journey will take me and who I will meet along the way.