Thus far, I have had two internships. My first internship was full-time and I worked 40+ hours a week, so I was given many projects to work on and plenty of time to interact with co-workers. My second internship was less than part time – only 10 hours a week. This I found to be very limiting in comparison, as I did not feel there was not time for long term projects or a chance to fully display my abilities to a potential future employer.

Here lies the importance of making an impression. First impressions are important for landing the internship or job, but once you get the job and are in the office on a daily basis, your first impression will be forgotten (unless you made a very memorable one, for good or bad reasons). ¬†When and if you leave the job, the last impression you leave likely won’t be remembered either, unless you leave on a very sour note. I believe, especially in short tenures, lasting impressions are formed in between the first and last days. Your personality, appearance, work ethic, and quality of work make more of an impression than any first or last impression can. Making sure that impression is a good one is crucial to remaining on good terms with the employer. For internships, everyday is like a first impression-so do your best to be remembered, and only for positive reasons!