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Celebrate the Season

This Sunday, December 3, begins the four weeks of Advent, a period of spiritual preparation and celebration of Christ’s birth.

Canisius’ faith community invites all to observe this sacred season during a series of Sunday worships at Christ the King Chapel, which will include the lighting of the Advent Wreath, the blessing of the Manger and a children’s nativity.

Click here to view the full schedule of services.

*Campus Ministry will also remember Daniel Vella during the Sunday, December 3, 7:00 p.m. Mass. Vella was a Canisius student who died suddenly last December.

Submitted by: Rev. Fred Betti, SJ, chaplain, Campus Ministry

Reminder to RSVP for Christmas Mass & Luncheon 2023

Please join us Tuesday, December 19, 2023 for the Annual Canisius University Christmas Mass & Luncheon.

Please respond by Friday December 8:  Use this link

If you run into any issues with the link, please send your response to

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!!

Click here to add this event to your digital calendar.

Submitted by: Denise Flannery, executive associate, President’s Office

Canisius Prepares for FAFSA Changes

As the U.S. Department of Education prepares to launch its broad overhaul of the federal financial aid system and more specifically the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Canisius University is taking a proactive approach to ensure the changes have a minimal impact on both current and prospective students. The new 2024-2025 FAFSA is set to open by December 31, 2023 and “will be a more streamlined application process,” explains James Nowak, associate director of enrollment and financial aid at Canisius University.  “But there are also significant changes to the application process and how aid is calculated that may have substantial effects on students’ eligibility for financial aid.”

Nowak is raising awareness and educating students, parents, guardians and guidance counselors ahead of the important and upcoming changes to the federal aid process.  To date, he has presented at more than 20 local high schools and hosted a Buffalo Public School Counselor Professional Development and Information Session.  

Among the most helpful changes to the FAFSA process: a shorter form, more straightforward questions and its availability in more languages. Prospective students will also be able to list up to 20 colleges on their FAFSA (up from 10), and students and parents will now have their income verified through Direct Data Exchange with the Internal Revenue Service.   Moreover, “the new FAFSA formula will make an additional 600,000-plus students from low-income backgrounds eligible for Pell Grants,” notes Nowak.  The Federal Pell Grant program is the largest of its kind, designed to help low-income students.  The intention behind the FAFSA simplification is to get Pell dollars into the hands of the families who need them the most.  

There are other key changes, however, that may hinder the FAFSA process for students, delay delivery of their financial aid packages or eliminate them all together. 

Click here to learn more about those changes and what Canisius University is doing to minimize the impact for current and prospective students.

Submitted by: University Communications

Software Requests for Spring 2024

ITS will be preparing the campus computer labs for the spring semester.  To do this efficiently, we need your input.

Please read the attached document and then complete the Google form to submit any requests for additional software.  Requests must be received before January 3.

Submitted by: Tom Prince, director of user services, ITS

Safe Winter Walking Tips

Slip, trips and falls can be caused by poor personal behaviors such as lack of attention while walking, especially in winter weather.

What can you do?  Here are a few tips to help keep you safe:

–Pay attention when walking and only travel on designated paths.

–Wear the right shoes for the right conditions.

–Plan ahead and have enough time to get to your location.

–Take short steps on slippery surfaces.

–Follow campus parking notices so snow removal can happen.

–Always hold on to the railing when using the stairs.

–Don’t carry more than you can safely handle.

Submitted by: Matthew Moje, safety coordinator, Facilities