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Joseph S. Nye Jr., PhD, University Distinguished Service Professor and former dean of the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University, will present a lecture entitled “American Power in the 21st Century” on Monday, March 31 in the Grupp Fireside Lounge at 7 p.m. Nye’s lecture, which is free and open the public, is presented by The William H. Fitzpatrick Chair of Political Science Lecture Series.

Nye is an international relations expert with both government and academic experience.  A 2008 poll of 2,700 international relations scholars listed him as the most influential scholar on American foreign policy, and a 2011 poll rated him the fourth most influential scholar in international relations in the past 20 years.  During the Clinton administration, he chaired the National Intelligence Council (1993-94) and  was assistant secretary of defense for international security (1994-95).

Nye has published 13 academic books, a novel, and more than 150 articles in professional and policy journals. His most recent books include Soft Power, based on the concept of the same name he developed, The Powers to Lead and The Future of Power, which The Economist called “rigorous and convincing.”

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