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The Canisius College School of Education will welcome more than 100 fifth and sixth grade students from Tapestry Charter School on Tuesday, March 18, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. in the Richard E. Winter ’42 Student Center (Regis Room North), located on Hughes Avenue.

Tapestry students will showcase their academic projects from “Believing in What You Cannot See,” a three-month learning expedition, during which students followed in the footsteps of famous historical scientists and transformational thinkers, asking questions and seeking answers to things that were way too big or too small to see with their own eyes. Tapestry students applied measures of analytic thinking and imagination, logic and intuition to answer such fundamental questions as: What are the suitable conditions to sustain life; how do we know the Earth revolves around the sun; what causes the moon to stay in orbit with the Earth; and how many stars are in the universe?

Canisius entered into a strategic educational partnership with Tapestry Charter School in 2008, to jointly meet the needs of teacher-candidates and improve student learning, overall.

Submitted by: Nancy Wallace, PhD, director, School and Community Partnerships