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TIAA CREF Representative to be on Campus

Richard Brewer, individual consultant for TIAA CREF, will be on campus, Tuesday, September 10 and Tuesday, September 24 in the Student Center Conference Room for individual counseling sessions. He will meet with individuals to review and discuss current investments, answer questions, and review their options to help meet retirement goals.

To make an appointment, contact the TIAA CREF Service and Scheduling Group at 1-800-732-8353.

For more information, please contact Dawn Rotterman at Ext. 3151.

Submitted by: Dawn Rotterman, human resource associate

Spiritual Exercises at Canisius College

The goal of the Spiritual Exercises is to free us from the false self with its destructive patterns that we may discover and love our True Self, which longs to walk in union with God. The Spiritual Exercises are Catholic, and have a universal and evolutionary design that makes them inherently accessible to people of all faith traditions. We invite you to do the Exercises with a trained spiritual companion.

The Spiritual Exercises are not a “one size fits all” program, but are hand tailored to each person to fit your current desires and hopes. We invite you to take a step gently into your spirituality, at a pace that is suitable for you. The length of your reflective prayer and frequency of meetings with a Spiritual Director depends on your current desires and availability.

“Programs” for Staff and Faculty that are popular today:
1. Online Daily “Three Minute Retreat” from Loyola (provides a daily email with music & Pictures).

2. Integrating the Examen into Your Daily Life – From Gratitude to Love
3. Doing The Spiritual Exercises, adapted to your, time and energy

4. Doing the full Spiritual Exercises over an eight month period*

5. A Lenten or Advent Retreat

6. For faculty, “The Other Retreat,” a Reflective Experience tailored for those involved in writing and teaching.

Who will benefit from the Spiritual Exercises?
* Individuals who seek to discern their profession.
* Those who desire to grow in their relationships with God and Mystery.
* Those who want to integrate Jesuit spirituality into their lives.
* Those who experience doubt, or feel they do not belong to anything.
* Those interested in the “Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm.”
* Those who have important decisions to make.
* Those wanting to balance personal spirituality with a busy life.
* Those who are in transition.
* Those who want to be part of God’s transformation of the world.

When do the Spiritual Exercises Begin?
a) The Spiritual Exercises begin on September 14th of 2013
b) Fr. Tom would like to chat with you before we begin, to design what fits you.
c) Some retreats are seasonal and begin with Lent or Advent

What do these Spiritual Exercises require?
The Spiritual Exercises depend on your current desires and availability. These experiences involve prayer in your everyday life and meeting regularly with a person trained as an Ignatian Prayer Guide. The Spiritual Exercises are individually adapted to each person’s spirituality, and perspective. Ignatian spirituality will deepen your own spirituality, whether it is Christian or ‘other.’ There is a monthly free luncheon meeting for everybody involved. There is no required sharing. If you want to hear more from those who have experienced the Spiritual Exercises, see the videos below of faculty, alumni and staff on our web link

If you are interested, email Fr. Tom Colgan, S.J., or call 888-2488. To see videos click here

Submitted by: Fr. Tom Colgan, S.J., campus ministry