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Dear Canisius Campus Community:

Every employer in New York State is required to provide employees with sexual harassment prevention training on an annual basis. Canisius University is committed to maintaining a workplace free from sexual harassment and is partnering with Vector Solutions to provide the “Preventing Harassment and Discrimination” course.

If you attended one of the in-person training courses provided over the summer provided by Phillips Lytle, you do not need to complete this training, and will not see a course assigned to you in Vector. If you would like to confirm whether you are in compliance with the training, please contact Mary Braun at Please also contact Mary Braun if you believe that you are receiving training reminder emails in error. 

This course prepares our faculty and staff to cultivate and maintain a workplace culture resistant to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Faculty and staff will be equipped with the information and skills that promote intervention, empathy, and allyship. This course includes a section specific to requirements under Title IX and the Clery Act.

To comply with the New York State deadline, the Preventing Harassment and Discrimination Training was due on December 15, 2023.   At this time, we ask that all faculty and staff complete the training by the end of the year. 

Vector Training Invitation

Those faculty and staff who are currently out of compliance with the Preventing Harassment and Discrimination training has already received an email from Vector, inviting them to take the training. Alternatively, you can access the training on the Canisius portal by selecting Human Resources, then VectorSolutions Training Platform.

The self-paced, interactive course takes most people about an hour to complete. The Vector support team is available here to provide assistance by phone, Email, or chat. If you have any other questions about this required course, please contact the Human Resources Office at 716-888-2240.

Submitted by: Mary Braun, Employment Manager, Human Resources