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As Canisius continues on its path to roll out the remaining Ellucian Banner Self Service 9 (SSB9) modules, we invite everyone across campus to start using SSB9 for Employees – also known as the “Employee Dashboard”. The Employee Dashboard is where you will find your pay stub, leave balances, tax documents, timesheet submissions/approvals, deduction history, YTD earnings, and an employee summary. This new tool can be found under Human Resources in your Canisius portal.

A few offices have been using the Employee Dashboard, along with the updated timesheet entry method, for over a year now, so it is well tested and reliable.  Ellucian will be ending support for the old way of entering approving time (SSB8) in the upcoming year or so, therefore we need to move to the new functionality offered in SSB9.

Self Service Banner 8 (SSB8) will remain available should you have any issues using the Employee Dashboard, submitting or approving timesheet(s). Our plan is to sunset Self Service Banner 8 (SSB8) web time entry March 31st, 2024.

Using the “My Team” functionality is a great way to review information about staff that report to you, including mailing addresses, phone numbers, emails, leave balances and emergency contacts. We encourage you to review this information and advise your staff to keep Canisius emergency contact information current via the Campus Alert/Update Emergency Contacts or Personal Information apps. Both apps are available in the portal, under CAMPUS SERVICES.

To assist with campus training, we have recorded 2 short Ellucian videos; they can be found in our Banner wiki documentation page found here:  (Scroll down to find the Self Service Banner 9 for Human Resources heading, in order to view the Employee Dashboard Overview and/or the Hourly Timesheet Overview). The most important thing to understand when entering timesheets is:

Using the “save” button will only save your timesheet until later, it does not submit your timecard for approval. You must click Preview to see the submit button, use this button to submit your timesheet for approval.

Please consider adding the Employee Dashboard to your favorites in the portal, just click, drag and drop!

In January, we will announce dates/times for zoom drop in sessions to help support this transition.

Submitted by: Michele Folsom, Director of Administrative Computing, ITS